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Why This Web Site Was Developed

                                   Why This Web Site Was Develpoed

   The beginnings of the Web site started perhaps 20 years ago when I worked in Sales Management in the field of Telecommunication.  As a relatively new manager I was experiencing a merger between my company and a larger one.  The things I saw were unbelievable and seemed to defy logic on the way top management went about operating.  I thought to myself I need to keep a daily record of these events and then write a book for students to have a view into the real world.  I didn't follow my intuition and that was a big mistake because since that time I have been involved in numerous adventures with a number of companies which  in hind-sight make the original management folks look like Warren Buffet.  Over time I had the opportunity to be at the leading edge of the Internet boom as the Director of Sales which managed a service called MAE-East a concept developed in part by a good friend which ended up allowing the Internet to be commercialized.  I went on to other Director and Vice President of Sales and Marketing positions in some companies you just might have heard of Sprint, Worldcom and (yes the hat trick), Enron.  I was there, high enough to see it happen but not high enough to really effect change.  I should have written that book.
   Five years ago, I lost my position as Regional V.P. of Sales with a small start-up, I became extremely depressed.  Every morning I would head to my office above the garage which is seperate from our house, (at least the commute was good) and sat numbly on the couch not knowing where to turn.  The field of telecommunication was in shambles, my contacts were gone and the opportunities for individuals with my experience and title were few and far between. 
   I began to read the Bible, deciding I would start with page one of Matthew and read every word of the New Testament, (you know Acts should be made into a movie).  Eventually, I began to pray as well, in doing so, I was given this direction, "after you pray, write down as much as possible of what you felt, heard or were enlightened through your praying".  Did I do it ? Not right away, but the request continued and the past came back to me when I wished I'd written down my business experience, so I began to write.  
   What is contained in these writings is not my own, it is a joint effort between God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and myself.  I have asked God a number of times, for what purpose am I writing these papers, I know I am not to try and sell them in any way for profit (even if I could), the information came to me freely and is to be given freely.
   So, I have been instructed to build this site, and if no one comes, that is ok, once I put it up, who reads it, is not up to me.   
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