Monday, June 14, 2021  
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Who Am I

                                                        Who am I?

   In the"Why This Web Site Was Developed"  I wrote as to why this site exists but it is probably necessary to give you a bit of information about who I am as well.
   I was born in Bozeman Montana and moved to Maryland at a young age.  I was there long enough to appreciate both the power and beauty of the West and sometimes feel that I really "should have been a cowboy". 
   I was raised in a Christian family by two loving parents, my father an Entomologist and my mother a true Christian in all sense of the word.  I have two brothers and a sister, we actually don't just get along, we like each other.
   Financially, though we never had a great deal of money we were always provided for, but at times we did struggle to make ends meet.  Perhaps this developed in me the part of my personality which directed much of my personal and professional life, make money and never let my children want for anything.
  Admittedly, over time I became a very material and physically oriented individual.  I was driven by the need to make money and enjoyed being with beautiful people.  I look back and wonder if I ever did anything I thought wouldn't somehow benefit me first and others second.  I will say, I did and do care for others, and love my two chidren immensely and would do anything for them.  But, that wasn't always the case.  Over our first 25 years of marriage my wife and I slowly not just fell out of love but didn't care for each other.  It finally came to the point where I left the family seeking what I thought was a life meant for me and that was when I was the furthest but closest to God I had ever been.  I was living in a almost 100 percent materially "me" oriented world but I was praying about it as well.  However, the prayers kept going something like God, I know this is right, tell me its' so.  Then one evening, alone, I began to pray and asked Jesus what is right here,  Jesus' response was "you need to be truthful, and try to reconcile your marriage".  That was not what I wanted to hear, I started thinking about what the truth would bring because I really thought there was suppose to be someone else for me.  This is when, I can now look back and say, do you want to see a God at work, the truth brought excruciating pain to all members of our family, pain which in some ways still lingers but, Jesus was right that evening 18 years ago, going back to my family was not just the right thing to do, it was the only thing to do.  Our family remained together and now we have several grandchildren which are the the light of my life.  It is through the Energy of God that this is possible.  God, and Jesus have been with me through it all but until you ask you won't accept, so when I finally started asking the changes began and will continue. I have an infinite ways to go and I'm still not totally sure where God wants me to go, but that's not God's fault.  The writings which you find on this site won't necessarily be what you expect but what you read comes directly from God and Jesus.  There will be those who undoubtebly will disagree with some of what has been written and others who will either begin to find or better know God and the world which God created.  My open mindedness, checkered past and willingness to listen to God, is what it is, and as I stated earlier, this is not for profit so there is no agenda, the Truth is the Truth. (Go to Spiritual Conversations)