Monday, June 14, 2021  
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                                                                   Who am I?

   In the"Why This Web Site Was Developed"  I wrote as to why this site exists but it is probably necessary to give you a bit of information about who I am as well.
   I was born in Bozeman Montana and moved to Maryland at a young age.  I was there long enough to appreciate both the power and beauty of the West and sometimes feel that I really "should have been a cowboy". 
   I was raised in a Christian family by two loving parents, my father an Entomologist and my mother a true Christian in all sense of the word.  I have two brothers and a sister, we actually don't just get along, we like each other.
   Financially, though we never had a great deal of money we were always provided for, but at times we did struggle to make ends meet.  Perhaps this developed in me the part of my personality which directed much of my personal and professional life, make money and never let my children want for anything.
  Admittedly, over time I became a very material and physically oriented individual.  I was driven by the need to make money and enjoyed being with beautiful people.  I look back and wonder if I ever did anything I thought it wouldn't some how have a positive effect on me first and others more about who I am