Monday, June 14, 2021  
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Step Onto and Into The Path of Life

                                      Step Onto and Into The Path Of  Life

 "When the material possessions you receive are the residuals from the actions you take based on my guidance, you will have arrived."

   I other words when I have moved to a place in my life spiritually in which I totally trust God and am able to truly live my life through the Energy and guidance which is for each of us, then what we accomplish in life or obtain materially they will come about from our relationship with God, but probably more importantly they won't really mean much to us in the materialistic sense.

   Which brings me to the thoughts I was discussing with God last night and awareness which I suspect I have always known but may be not totally believed or understood and that is, when God is apart of your life and the focus of your life, all parts of your life flourish, not just the spiritual.

   God raises us to a different level as human beings, in the way we conduct ourselves spiritually, in the way we conduct ourselves personally, in the way we conduct ourselves professionally, as friends, spouses, parents and any other inaction we may encounter.  Not only does God's presence in our lives make us better individuals but we begin to look at the world and others differently, priorities change, faults in others are not judged, understanding that we are all loved by God as much as each other.  We understand that God feels pain and hurts when we do others wrong, God is there to help us understand life even when certain things in life are incomprehensible.

   People are at different levels in this spiritual development, some are truly amazing and have found the Path much more quickly than others, some never find the Path.  But the interesting thing is when you do find the Path, every step you take enlightens you more than the last.  Such as myself, even though I knew the Path was there, it took some time for me to not just step onto it but actually to know I stepped onto it.  As a matter of fact, I needed to be told by God or Jesus, I don't remember which one, that I needed to stop looking for the Path because I was already on it.   

   What's interesting is the contrast of who I am as to what I was, becomes visible, and the further I move down the Path the greater the contrast I not only see in my life but something else also becomes much clearer and more apparent, and that is the level of hurt that I caused others as I wandered.  I also realize that the further down the path I go the more I understand that there is a great deal more I need to heal, feel and be spiritually, as to when I first set my life upon the Path.  The interesting thing about being on the Spiritual path as opposed to a physical and intellectual paths in life is, the physical paths and intellectual paths we take in life, we typically know where they will take us.  No, we aren't certain but the reason we take them is because there is a strong chance we know exactly what that will be, whether it a career path or path to ones home there is an end to the path.  In contrast the only thing you know when you step onto and into spiritual Path is with each step you take you become closer to both Jesus and God but outside of that you have no clue where you will end up, if even there is ever a final destination.  That is the great thing about the Path, you place yourself spiritually and physically in God's trust and where you find yourself, it is where you are suppose to be.  That is knowing God, trusting God and living through Truth.