Monday, June 14, 2021  
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What Is Good and What Is Evil

                                                     What is Good and What is evil

Evil is not sickness or an accident which causes personal harm and will more than likely happen to all humans in the course of their lifetimes, evil is the intentional hurt an individual or group of individuals inflicts on others. 

    Where as, good is not the receipt of a physical gift but it is the positive energy an individual or group of individuals directs toward others, regardless of who those individuals are or what they represent.

    The transfer of energy from one party to the other is the fundamental component of how God intended us to live in this physical world.  God did in fact create the human race and God is the most powerful force in the universe but along with the Energy Force of Love, there exist the energy force of hate, this energy force takes advantage of man-kind's primitive desire for the fundamentals of life and turns that need into thoughts and actions which cause us to negatively interact with others.  On the other side of the human equation there is God or Love which created both the need for us to live physically whereby having this primitive requirement for food, warmth and shelter but God added a very important second ingredient to the human make-up and that is the soul.  This soul grows through the spirit (our individual mechanism for transferring energy) being at one with the Spirit of God, the Love that is directed at us can either be accepted or rejected and this can and does happen at all different levels along the spectrum of Good to evil.  As the Loving Energy is more readily accepted by an individual the energy of evil is displaced, much like water being poured in to a cup, as it is poured in, the air is displaced and there is no longer room for air.  It is the same with Love and evil that is in our souls, the more Loving Energy we learn to receive, the more evil is displaced. 

   Therefore, the actions we take toward others have a direct relationship as to how much good or evil dwells with in us.  It may be that some have a high level of God's Love flowing through them, why and how I don't know, but what I do know is if even the evilest of individuals for whatever reason decides to try and receive the Energy of Love the evil will begin leave that person and be replaced by God's Energy.  So, even if that can be true for those who's balance of evil leans to the majority side of the spectrum, just think what can happen to one who is fundamentally good and decides to replace that portion of their soul which is evil, with God's Loving Energy, the difference they can make in this world will be tremendous and the level of oneness with God they will receive as they pass from this realm to the next will be one which will last forever.


"We must fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal"  2 Corinthians 4:18-19  (back to Spiritual Conversations)