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  • Spiritual Conversations

    The following title and description of papers which have been written will continue to be added to over time.  They are not being placed here in the order in which they were written and at some point they may be categorized but for now they are being put up as guided.   

                                                   Table of Contents
  • Learning From Those Who Have Moved On To The Spiritual - The conversations which begin this segment of the website are a combination of actual converstaions I have had between Joan,God and myself.

         After much reservation and internal self-debate, I decided to add these very personal spiritual conversations I have had with God and Joan, the woman who I wrote about in the letter, “Two Worlds Have Been Bridged”.   Even though Joan and my lives took separate paths, We have loved each other for over 50 years with the relationship seeming to end as she took her own life, but did not. I have asked God and myself many times why Joan and I did not marry, and answers were given and will eventually be added as follow-up writings, but they are for later.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The reason I have decided to place the following on the site for others to read is because they are the conversations which are the catalyst that has led me to a greater understanding of life in the physical as it moves to the spiritual as well as the fact that we can converse with individuals we care about in the spiritual realm. (Read Paper)

  • Two Worlds Have Been Bridged - This is a letter I wrote and sent to two sons who's mother, and someone that I cared for deeply when we were in high school and college died at a relatively young age.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, although they were well off she continued to drive to her 94 year old mother's house every day to personally take care of her, through all her pain and selfless dedication to her family she received no emotional support from her husband.  Finally it was all just to much and she ended her life.  The family let very few people know that her life had ended claiming it was to keep her dignity....? Her brother stated it was because they were embarrassed and didn't want people to judge them.  Although, I wrote the letter to her sons, I placed it in this web site as she was a beautiful individual and her life shouldn't be pushed aside. I decided the world needs to have the opportunity to know what an amazing individual Joan was....and is.        (read letter)

    - How Complicated is TRUTH (read paper)
    How complicated is Truth but more so How important is Truth

    - Trusting God I Mean Totally Trusting God (read paper)

    -Ask and You Will Receive (read paper)

    -“Truly and Completely Trust Me and the World Takes On a Very Different Look” (read paper)

    -The One Thing That Really Matters (read paper)

    -The Physical World Within The Spiritual World (read paper)    -
     how does the “physical world” we
            live in relate to the “Spiritual world” we as humans tend to believe we may or may not be headed
           for once our presence on Earth comes to an end.

     - Vision On Life (read paper)   

     - The Choices We Make (read paper)

      - What Does God Want From You (read Paper )

      - To Know God Is Present In My Life I Need To Accept The Love ... (
    read Paper)

      - Our Seventh Sense
    We have been taught that we have six senses, the fact is God has given
                     us seven and the seventh is the most important... (read paper)

         - What Does It Mean To Open Your Soul To The Light .... (read paper)

        -  Opening Your Self To God And Seeing With Your Soul ... (
    read paper )

        -  When You Sense Evil Step Towards It Not Away .... (
    read Paper)

    I Know God Is Present In My Life, I Need To Accept 
                                                      The Love Which I Meant For Me ... (
    read Paper)
          -   TRUTH The Practical Side Of Living With It In Our Lives ....
    (Read Paper)

          - What Is Good and What Is Evil? ... (read paper)

           - Moving On To The Next Realm
                   Is there a Heaven... (read paper)  

             - The Map, The Road, The Path, The Beacon, The Light ... (read paper)
            - Enjoy the Path ... (read paper)

    As God points out... "Growing Spiritually is Like Growing Physically)... (read paper)

          - When Do We Open the Window of Our Soul's and Let God In? .... (read paper)

           - When All We See Is Evil In The World
                   When you look around and see so much bad happening that 
                   it seems overwelming remeber Jesus lived when it was much
                   worse and he still knew God was present ... (read paper)

           - Step Onto and Into the Path of Life... (read paper)

              - Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven... (read paper)

              - "This Is My Command Love Others"
      What exactly does this mean and did
                   Jesus actually command us to do so?... (read paper)
            - I Have Awakened ....(read paper) 

              - Knowing What I Need To Know Comes from One Thing, Trusting God ... (read paper )
               - Stop Waiting for Something to Happen, Make It Happen
                   Early guidance from God on my direction in life, and the presence of Jesus
                   in our paper

             -God Created the Universe... (read paper)

                -God's Plan   ......................(read paper)   
                -Does God Punish Humans?.. (read paper) 

             -Does God Really Judge Us?... (read paper)

                -Do We Seperate Ourselves From God?... (read paper)

                 - Can You Actually Feel God ... (read paper)

             -Is There A Tomorrow? ... ( read paper )

            - Our Souls Then, Now, and Forever 
                        Do you really want to know the meaning of life? paper

           - Follow-up to Your Soul Here, Now and Forever
    This paper is just meant to put into motion the the thought process of what 
                        is our significance of what our direction here on Earth is paper

           - How Do You Help Someone Know They Have A Soul ... (read paper )

           - Would I Have Listened? ... (read paper)

           - Love Not Law and The Real Miracle
                     Jesus involved in some incredible miracles, but do we tend to miss the one
                     which may be the most paper

           - God Gives to Us Freely Without Expectations
                    This writing does talk about how God's giving is done purely out of Love and for no
                    other reason but it also is one of the papers written which describes
                    our ability to physcially feel paper

           - List of Thoughts and Guidance for Living Life
                    One morning while praying I was asked that when I write my 
                    paper, list concepts which can guide ones life and these are the
                    thirteen which came to paper

           - When Do You Know You Know God
                    Do we make the idea of knowing God to complicated? paper

           -  The Practical Side of Living With Truth in Our Lives
                    When you really want to seek change in you life you need to face your own paper
           - Talking Directly With God, and Living In the Material World
                vs. the Spiritual World...
      (read paper)

           - What Do Others See In You
                      We have a tendency to "Judge" others, but before we do perhaps we should step
                      back and "judge ourselves paper 

           - Live Your Everyday Ordinary Life Through God   
                     Then When Asked To Do The Extra-Ordinary You Will Be paper 
           - Developing Spiritually is Like Practicing A Golf Swing
                     You think developing Spiritually just happens, ya, 
                     and so does a perfect golf paper 

           - Trusting God's Energy Over the Human Mind
                     My struggle with listening to God's direction for me verses me continuing to rely on
                     my own "wisdom"... read paper

            - Accepting God's Presence In My Life
                     One of my first writings, the key words which have helped guide

                     my spiritual paper

                 -The Resurrection Of Jesus Was It Physical or Spiritual
                     I have often asked myself, is the reserrection of Jesus a physical event

                     or Spiritual, I prayed about, this is the guidance I was given. read paper    
            - The Physical Dependencies of Life...
    (read paper)

          -  - Go and Get Things Un-stuck ... (read paper )

             - Who The Heck Was That .... (
    read Paper )