Monday, June 14, 2021  
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"Truely & Completely Trust Me & The World Takes On A Very Different Look"


“Truly and Completely Trust Me and the World Takes On a Very Different Look”

     I know God is present in my life, I know God created the Universe, I know God sent Jesus to help us understand the total love God has for us and that we can communicate directly with God.  God is one with us, the Energy of Love flows through us and strengthens our souls.  Jesus is with us and you can talk and learn from him the same as if he were standing in front of you over two thousand years ago.  I know truth is God and that truth lies within each of us and can be drawn upon if we really want to do so.  The truth can get buried by the events and circumstances of our daily lives.  It can get buried by our prejudices and our desires for the material aspect of the world we live in, but the nearer we come to God the more that truth is revealed to us.  Those things that we know as “sin” which I prefer to look at as obstacles we face within ourselves, and block our ability to trust and know God. 
    I know these things, and I have begun to understand and believe the enlightenment that has come to me by God and Jesus.  I see that my life has been changed dramatically by the presence of their Spirit in my life but, this may sound contrary to what I just spent a paragraph and a half writing about is, do I trust God, I mean really trust God. I want to think I do, I know I trust that God is strengthening my soul through His spiritual guidance more than ever before but have I totally released my self, physically and spiritually to the fact that I can trust God with my life.  You see this is where we move from the physical to the spiritual, when we actually know that God’s Love and direction is the real path we are to take in life, then we begin to live life.  What is interesting is, in our Earthly view of “turning our lives over to God” this phrase brings the connotation of the concept that we aren’t in control, the fact is this is the opposite of what really happens.
   First, God’s Energy doesn’t possess us, it strengthens us, gives us spiritual and even physical energy but our soul still maintains it’s individual identity.  This allows us to function in a much more independent capacity in the material world. Second, when we truly trust God, we open the window of our soul, and allow for even greater spiritual growth. When this happens, God’s Energy provides us with an enlightenment which we previously didn’t have, we see the world differently. 
   God’s Energy works with and through us and if one has accepted this, it is understood by that individual that God could in fact control us but that is not how God works. God works with us but we need to decide that we want this to be the direction we take in life. In reality the way we actually give up control of our lives is when we continue to be slaves to fear, jealousy, desire to succeed at any cost, materialism, or other concepts which control our lives.
    So, this morning I realized, I need to give up those things that hold me to this world, those things that I want to control, things which I may have already thought that I have given up worrying about and really dedicate my self to one thing and that is truly trusting God.
   As God explained “Truly and completely trust me and the world takes on a different look” “Steve, let me put it this way, when you so call give up control, is when you gain control” 
    What I will attempt to do, is truly trust God and acknowledge that living through the Love and Energy which is brought to me by doing so is the way we as humans are intended to live. (return to Spiritual Conversations)