Monday, June 14, 2021  
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Ask and You Will Receive

                                                            Ask and You Shall Receive

     I have heard this phrase stated in many different ways, “ask and you shall receive”, ask for anything and your prayers will be answered, but however and whatever way it is phrased, I am conflicted as to what Jesus was really saying.  The conflict is this, Jesus was about living a spiritual life and material objects were the least of his concerns, he was about focusing on the presence of God in this world and understanding that this focus becomes hazy if we are trying to put emphasis on how we are living in the physical sense.  However, I believe it is also true that God does in fact care for how we live.  This caring is for everybody, those with great wealth and those with none at all.

   Sometimes I believe that what Jesus meant was, ask for anything which makes you a better person spiritually, for if you are at the level in you life spiritually where you can truly make such a request, God will be there to strengthen you and your request will be fulfilled.  At other times, and maybe this is only because I was a very material oriented person,  I believe Jesus meant pray for anything and it will be given to you, primarily because if you are praying in the first place then you have faith that God exists and is here to care for us.

   Curious as to the answer, I asked God for clarification.  God’s response was, “some people are preaching the idea that I want all my children to live a comfortable life spiritually and physically, however, they go on to preach that I don’t view wealth as a negative but on the contrary I support the concept in those who are trying to move their lives into a more spiritual place at the same time build earthly wealth.” “I do want my children to prosper but the problem which faces humanity with this form of thinking is, there is a fine line between putting material possessions second to spirituality and emphasizing the fact that I support the idea of excessive wealth coupled with the ability to develop spiritually is a difficult thing for most to put into practice”. 

  “The guidance I give you is this, pray first that I give you insight and direction into how you can become more at one with me, pray for the strength to care for others first, pray that you come to really Know that I am, Trust me and live by the Truth.”  Then when you pray for guidance on the physical components of you life your priorities will be in the right place.”

   It was further pointed out to me as I began to write this, that praying for all things is a good thing, it means that we are communicating with God and this is always a good thing, but I need to broaden my view of the statement “ask and you shall receive”, to include “now that I have received, both spiritually and physically, how can I use what you have given me, to better bring someone else closer to you.” (return to Spiritual Conversations)