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Trusting God, I Mean Totally Trusting God

                       Trusting God, I Mean Totally Trusting God

   I have written previously about my trust in God and how I need to move further in this direction.  That paper was written May 20, 2008 almost five years ago.  Much has happened over that period of time some very good, some very bad and the journey to grow my spirituality continues.  As a part of this journey there has been one key element that has faced me and I believe it is the one key to all humanís spiritual growth and that is trusting God, I mean truly trusting God. 

  So I am asking myself why am I writing this paper, Iím still not in a place where I feel I can confidently say I have reached a level of trust in God where I need to be, however I believe I am now in a place where I can write about our need to do so and how difficult a task that is for most but how important it is that we try.  Here is what I mean, I converse with God and Jesus as the papers in this web site indicate but I struggle to totally trust God when I am given direction or comfort from Godís words.  I ask myself why is this the case and if I struggle what of others who have or are undergoing severe tragedy in their lives such as the shooting of children in Newtown or the loss of a families only two children in a traffic accident, how could God let this happen, how can there be a God and how could such a God be trusted?  The fact is God didn't let these events happen, God created a world in which we live and this world gives us choices, as well evil does in fact exist within this world, and when evil controls choice bad things happen.  I will say if such things happened to me would I trust God at any level, probably not, but that would be a normal human reaction and God understands such reactions.  But even though such violent and sickening actions do take place in this world, most of us have not and will not face such disaster.  However, we do face life and it is not without its struggles, problems and individual tragedies and it is here where the need exists to embrace God and trust that the loving energy which God provides does course through our bodies and souls and if we ask God does answer.

     I believe I have reached a stage in my spiritual growth where I am trying to totally let the light of Godís energy guide my life and do believe that by asking, God will do so.  However, at this point, it is though I get it, and ask for total guidance by God, but I still havenít and donít let go of my views and perceptions on how I think the world is going to affect me.  I also feel that I am writing this paper at this time because I am at the very beginning of that acceptance and this acceptance is fairly shallow but very real.  In other words I truly believe one can turn their lives over to God and God will guide you down the path that is the path God wants us to go down not the path we want to go, interestingly, these paths can in fact be the same.   I am also at a stage where I can reflect back on my life and see the influence and guidance God and Jesus have had on my life, which in reflection is why I have come to terms with the letting go of my thoughts on how I guide my life, to that of accepting Godís direction. I presently see, as well as reflect on past directions I have taken in my life, believing it is where I needed to go, only to have them reach a dead end and me asking God, why?  Then see later that that direction was not the right direction but even as a dead end through Godís direction it ended up leading to a new and healthier horizon. In other words if we ask God for guidance even though we act on our own God can make the best of our mistakes.  I completely believe that God has always been guiding me, but I didnít grasp that involvement in my life, and God as said to me a while back. ďSteve, I have always been with you, but before I was protecting you, now I am guiding you.Ē  So, if God is guiding me anyway, what is the purpose of striving to assimilate the trust of God completely within my mind and soul?  The answer is God is engaged in our lives, but by handing over control to God we gain control, now the fears and anxieties of life go away, if its Gods direction for us how can it be wrong, so whatever obstacles we face they are there for a reason.  Will I ever reach the point where I reach this level of trust, I believe with Godís guidance I can but one needs to realize, trusting God doesnít make life easy as Jesus, Paul or Abraham Lincoln know, what it does, is gives Divinely directed purpose to our lives and ultimately purpose to our souls.  (back to Spiritual Conversations)