Monday, June 14, 2021  
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How Complicated is TRUTH

                                           How Complicated is Truth

   As I have written about various reflections on my prayers and conversations with God and Jesus, one concept which always seems to present itself in some form, is the idea of Truth.  Truth is one, if not the, fundamental component of developing oneself spiritually and knowing and becoming more at one with God.  I also have come to believe that Truth, being a basic element of my spiritual growth, feel that Truth is very straight forward, because Truth is Truth.  However, that’s where I became confused today as I opened the Bible and found myself reading John 14:15-21, here I read the words which Jesus explained to his disciples that “he would ask God to send another Counselor – The Spirit of Truth.  The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him.”  The statement caught me a bit off-guard, I have always felt that Truth is a type of action the human can consciously take, and helps one to live life on earth in the way God intended.  But, here Jesus has stated that Truth comes in the form of a separate spirit, much as I envision God or Jesus to be, so what in fact is Truth.

   God’s response was “Truth is multi-dimensional, Truth is a spirit of such, but not a separate component of who you are, it is a component of who I am, so it resides within each human as part of my being and helps guide a person on Earth, it is a force which comes through me and is a part of the overall spiritual make-up of what and who you are.”  “Another way of thinking about Truth in a way that you may better understand is this, Truth is like a physical component of your body, say blood, blood runs through your body but is not your body nor can your body exist without it, Truth runs through your spiritual make-up but is not your spirit, it is an integral part of who you are spiritually, and without it your spirit can’t survive.  Truth is a part of the overall Energy force humans have defined as God.”  So, when Jesus made the statement, “another Counselor”, he didn’t mean or say it exactly the way it is now written in John, although the intent still holds.” 

   The notion of Truth is fundamental as to how the spiritual component of the human soul is developed, if sought after the soul flourishes, if suppressed the soul can’t survive.  I have written that the two things we need to do with our time on this Earth are, as Jesus stated, put others before ourselves and put God before all else. God explained to me that searching and living by truth allows one to do both, Truth is an active and definable component of who we are, Truth is a part of God’s make-up and it resides in us in such a way our brain can comprehend and act on the Truth.

    There are two directions of Truth, there is that of what we know is true on Earth and the other is truly knowing that God is in fact with us.

   As I began to write this God wanted to make sure I finished with the idea that Truth does in fact at times seem complicated but the fact is, Truth is not complicated we let it get that way.  Then God simply stated that, “Truth is a part of what I am, and therefore it is also a part of who you are, try and live by this and you will truly come to know me, when Truth is not your guide the soul and spirit cannot grow and may eventual die, seek Truth.”  (return to Spiritual Conversations)