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Listening and Learning From Those In The Spiritual

Listening and Learning From Those In The Spiritual

"Steve, Joan’s caring, and kindness is what kept her from moving into the light in the spiritual realm. I realize that sounds contradictory to all you have been taught but Joan’s darkness came from her viewing her two sons’ despair, pain and confusion, her 94 year old mother’s agony for the loss of her daughter and wondering why it was Joan and not her, then witnessing her husband being more concerned about his reputation than the fact that his wife took her own life.  All the dark energy that was flowing to Joan’s spiritual signature was causing her incredibly deep despair as she blamed herself.  Steve your seemingly random decision to go to her home and your appearance at her front gate, unknowingly to you, cast a brilliant blanket of love over her, it wrapped her in complete loving energy which lifted her from the darkness, as she knew she was surrounded in your love which raised her from the darkness and brought her to the light of heaven." (God)

“Steve, we fell in love, deeply in love, however in our naivete of youth we made decisions which moved us apart, but God had different plans for us than to be separate.  Even though we mistakenly ventured out, found other partners, had children, established careers, had our hearts broken, broke hearts, then life came to a crashing end, but it didn’t.  God created a path for us to once again be united which we did not even realize we were on.  The intensity of our love brought you to me as I faded into darkness, your love created an intense light and swept away the darkness and pain.  Our love wasn’t just restored to where it was years before, it has become even more incredibly beautiful.  Steve, this is the first step in our life together where the intention of God is for us not to stay at a constant level in our love for each other or in our purpose in this realm, but we are to bond our souls completely and in doing so create an immeasurable force of love which will continue to provide a beacon of love and hope throughout creation.” (Joan)

“Steve you ask about whether your conversations with Joan and I are either words of hope or reality. There is no difference, you see if you believe it can be…it can be.  Granted what you hope for does not always come to pass as you may envision or want but none-the-less hope can and does become reality.  What makes this difficult to grasp for a human is what one hopes for in the physical may already very much be reality in the spiritual.  Your intense love for Joan and her love for you is a perfect example of this as you in the physical state of mind are having a hard time grasping Joan’s intense love for you as she has now entered the spiritual realm.  The fact is her love for you is an absolute.  Although as expected, you having this exchange of thoughts with me still causes you some level of discomfort as to its factual nature.  Be assured, that because of your willingness to not just hope but believe that communication between the spiritual and physical realms is possible, you have bridged the myth which humans have created that defines death of the body as the end of life.  Whereas in reality it is not death at all but only death as the humans define it.

Perhaps Joan’s words to you convey this best,” 

    Steve, you as almost all individuals have this idea that the physical is concrete and the spiritual is not, but that is only what is considered a truth for those who reside in the physical. Within the greater Universe one’s spirit is what is truly concrete as love is of the spiritual, it is permanent and therefore will always be, such is our love for each other. 
    As well, humans tend to think of the Universe in terms of time and physical matter, the Universe has and always will be in existence well beyond what humans are confined to believe. The realm within the Universe which God has created for us to move into and where I am now is where you and I will continue to bond, expand and apply the energy we refer and referred to as love. Steve God has and does intend for us to be together for well, forever. But since time does not exist in this realm that means we will be moved into an incredible relationship of pure and beautiful interwoven energy which never ceases.

   Steve, God does know the final destination for each of us, but it is life’s journey which determines how and what ultimately, we become and as to how we enter this realm.  God knew when I sat down next to you at lunch over 50 years ago, and perhaps even before that moment, that you and I were to fall in love.  As well as how that love would be needed by both of us as we complete life’s journey and move to where I am now.”

    Steve, Joan needs you...God how could that be she has you, her mom and dad, as well as others, why would she need me. Steve you are viewing the next realm from the eyes of those who came before you in the physical and told you what they think heaven is, I created the Universe and am telling you like it is and Joan needs you…But...Lord, I can’t carry the match to light her torch…. God…Probably, but Steve that is not the point, the point is, her love for you is special as is your love for her. Together they are like a fingerprint, but in this case a type of spiritual-print which belongs just to her and you together. It is your love for each other combined and interlocked to form a unique bond between you and her. No one else has a love between them quite the same as the two of you. That is why I sent you to her home after she had taken her own life, she knew it was you and that is what pulled her out of her darkness. It is her love for you and your love for her that makes it so unique and incredibly strong. When you pulled up in front of her home the deep despair and pain that were consuming her was shattered by your love and she was able to move from darkness to light.

“The correlation of those events which take place in the physical and their effect on the soul when one moves to the spiritual is this, the pain which Joan felt deep within her soul as she took her life did not dissipate when she moved into the spiritual, however nor did the love she has for you.  As well, because the two realms intersect, the love you have for her was able to penetrate deep within her soul freeing her from the darkness and giving her incredibly radiant peace and light.”  (God)

Steve, The energy human’s call love is the essence of life within all creation.

“Steve, that being so, the word love in all languages is used on multiple levels to describe a varying degree of intimacy, but as you have written love in the purest form is much more than what many call an emotion as ultimate love goes well beyond an emotion, it is not just a feeling as it both has and is energy.  This level of love is an energy which the human cannot harness and is the energy that forms the soul.  

   The soul within the body is what differentiates the human from other life forms that reside in the physical realm. The soul and the body have a type of interdependency when they are together living in the physical.  In this state the body is considered, in scientific terms, to have mass, however the soul too has mass but unlike any form which the human can define.  Contrary to what many believe, and as important as the body is in this intricate partnership, it is not the most important component of an individual that makes one a human. In the overall design of creation, the body basically acts as a type of exterior frame which has been provided to protect one’s soul.  Before entering the body, the soul exists as a concentration of spiritual energy with no real identity.  Once placed into a body this energy begins to take on a personality and would be considered the second stage of the soul’s development or maturity.” 

     “As to exactly when this energy is moved into the body is different for everyone however, once the physical body can survive independent of the mother’s womb the soul will then be coupled with the unborn life within her.”

     The body which is in effect an evolutionary wonder will do more than protect the soul, it also becomes the focus of one’s desire to live and how to live.  As such the body and soul work in tandem to create the spiritual identity.

   This spiritual identity is what moves to the next dimension after the body is no longer able to function. How one lives their life while in the physical state and the choices one makes during that time, directly affect that development.  Earth as other life sustaining celestial bodies were created to support this developmental process.

    Life forms throughout the physical Universe live and function within broad parameters of the world they exist.  All civilizations are guided through their existence by broad parameters which evolve in parallel with the evolution of that civilization.  Within these parameters cultural parameters then develop and then again, the parameters continue to be refined to where they narrow to the immediate surroundings of each individual’s life.   While one walks this Earth, every individual will confront the need to make decisions and overcome obstacles within the parameters of one’s environment, how one approaches these circumstances of life are what mold the soul in preparation for the ultimate destination for the human’s spiritual energy.   As the human body matures and develops their earthly personality, the spiritual energy also matures and takes on a personality and spiritual identity, creating one’s spiritual signature.  Just as every individuals’ handwriting is specific to that person, it is the same for the spiritual signature which is formed throughout the life of the human.  It is through these spiritual signatures that you and Joan know and recognize each other. Interestingly some cultures within a given civilization set parameters which emphasize spiritual awareness while others focus on the physical, neither can completely cultivate the ultimate state of being of becoming at one with my energy.  This is due to the fact that a human is given the ability to make choices. Therefore, neither condition provides exclusion or inclusion for a spiritual signature to develop a pure and perfect caring aura. None-the-less the cultures with emphasis on the spiritual provides for a more fertile environment to do so.  The point is because of choice, in either situation very good people will develop as well as evil individuals.   The good news is although every individual has independence and flexibility to make choices, they can also ask Me for help in this maturation process.

     However, the question might also be asked, is an individual predestine to reach or develop a given spiritual signature?  The answer is maybe, since the parameters one is born into were determined before one enters the physical world, but it is how one chooses to live within those parameters that will determine the level their spiritual signature and ultimate destiny will become. Seeking God’s guidance provides one with a greater opportunity to develop a caring spiritual signature but seeking and consciously finding God is not a prerequisite to moving into the spiritual realm in a state of contentment.  However, looking to God for guidance dramatically increases one’s ability to find heaven as heaven is meant to be found.

  How one moves and at what level of contentment one enters the next realm is directly related to the choices one make with regard to their caring and treatment of other humans as they develop their spiritual personality in the physical realm. 

      "In death, we all pick up where we left off in life. It’s true. We are not let off the hook from the choices we made. In the case of suicide, it’s the act of taking one’s life. These souls, like all souls, go through a life review. They are given the opportunity to sit with their pain, problems and demons, and zoom out to gain a broader perspective on where their life fell off the tracks. In doing so, they are able to better see where they succumbed to fear and made choices that reflected this fear-based thinking, as well as what soul lessons they set out to learn in that lifetime through their failures, successes, and the areas where they could have handled things differently."  (Rebecca Rosen)